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This blog is a chronicles of my life, travels and experiences, including reviews of my many interests.

Bangkok Bombing – Erawan Shrine @ Ratchaprasong Intersection

It is with a shock and sadness that this post is about a terrorist attack on Thailand. A popular shrine in the heart of Thailand’s capital of Bangkok was the target of a bomb. As of this writing, it is still unknown who the perpetrators of this heinous activity is.

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SG50: The only country in the world that gained independence against its own will

Singapore is the only country in the world that gained its independence against its own will. It has since come a long way, yesterday 9 August 2015, Singapore celebrated its Golden Jubilee, or 50th Anniversary.

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Hello world!

Today I have decided to start this blog made publicly available to the world, hence the title, a blog to share my experiences, travels and musings, but also to vent and let off steam. My current job in a large investment bank leaves much to be desired. Low job satisfaction, under appreciated in the job with cheap and micro managing bosses…

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