Here is a list of how I charaterise my posts and what they mean.

Reviews – Reviews of products, travels, games, manga, anime and anything else

Travels – Posts about my travels, places I’ve stayed in and places I’ve been to

Eating – Foodies unite as I talk about restaurants I’ve visited and the little hidden gems.

Games – Games mostly PC games on steam, board games and more

Manga – Manga that I read with thoughts and discussion

a “World Class” Bank – These are posts relating to my employment in a large regional bank which aims to provide world class service and products. Usually ranting about how the bank doesn’t provide the means for the employees to provide such service from incompetent colleagues to poor planning.

London – Posts relating to London and my experience with the multi cultural metropolis, past present and future.

Singapore – Posts relating to Singapore, the country I spent the first 16 years of my life in, the country my family resides and the country which my GF is from.

Past Experience – Posts relating to my experiences before I started this blog.

General Musings – These posts contain some element of stream of consciousness where I mull certain ideas and think aloud.

Current Affairs – Posts regarding headline news and my thoughts and analysis on them.

Some posts will have overlaps if they relate to two or more categories. For example my very first post “Hello World” relates to my past experience in London and general musing as I briefly muse about the reason I started this blog. In that post I mentioned that I had not yet decided the direction to take this blog. I have since decided to be a “jack of all trades” and do a little bit of each blogging style hence the need for this navigation page to make it much easier for anyone to find the type of post they are looking for.