I was born in Malaysia, but grew up in Singapore, moving to London for college and university, worked as a Magician & Entertainer during my university days, before graduating as a Lawyer then switching to be a Banker.

Currently I am working in a “World Class Bank”, or at least one that wishes to become one. I am always looking to move on to bigger and better life experiences, hence the open ended blog title.

I have a large variety of interests and hobbies ranging from scuba diving, to sky diving, rock climbing to gaming, photography to horse riding, anime to shows.

The saying goes:

“a Jack of all trades, a master of none,

Certainly better than a master of one”

I am a Jack of many trades and a master of some. Might as well capitalise on this and make this blog cater to the many things I have an interest in.

This blog is a chronicles of my life, travels and experiences, including reviews of various gadgets, manga, shows and anime.

For a start why don’t you check out the Navigate page where I list out and explain the categories which I blog about.