There are cases when my faith in humanity is utterly destroyed. This is unfortunately one such case. It is very enraging and extremely upsetting to see such an act done in this world. Faith in humanity utterly lost!

Three workers from the french association Cause Animale Nord were filmed attacking and stealing a homeless man’s dog in France, the man’s wailing and the dog’s terrified yappings are just heartbreaking

 Warning this video is just heartbreaking.

After robbing the man and stealing his dog, the association proceeds to put up the dog for adoption on Facebook. They changed the dog’s name in memory of their convictions, they freaking STOLE a dog and ROBBED a HOMELESS MAN and that is apparently their convictions. What utter bullshit.

In their first Facebook post of the dog, they claim they would not have to do anything if the police did their jobs.

Hello fuckers, the reason why the police don’t do anything is because IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO BEG WITH A DOG YOU FUCKING RETARDS. Seriously these idiots think they are above the law and can do whatever they want just because the man is homeless.

CAN's Facebook picture advertising the dog for adoption
CAN’s Facebook picture advertising the dog for adoption

They even have the galls to sell the dog for €195. Disgusting human beings. Profiteering from robbery and theft!

The price of adopting the stolen puppy is €195
The price of adopting the stolen puppy is €195

The association Cause Animale Nord is a french association and they claim to prevent cruelty to animals. They however don’t seem to care about the well being of the homeless man nor of the distressed puppy who was manhandled and stolen from its owner.

They even have the audacity to defend themselves by first stating that the homeless man is a “Roma” or “Gypsy”, which somehow gives them the right to abuse him, throw him to the ground and steal his puppy, and secondly that the homeless man was drugging the puppy and using the puppy to beg.

If the homeless man was really merely using the puppy to beg then he should win an Oscar for such outstanding acting, it is just heart breaking to hear his screams and cries along with the helpless yips of the terrified puppy. Whether the man is a Roma or Gypsy, it doesn’t fucking matter, he is homeless and probably only has the dog as a companion!

The association claims that the Gypsy’s drug the dogs so that the dogs will remain calm, yet in the video, you can clearly see the dog is distress and in no way calm.

Many people on Facebook are asking for proof of the alleged drugging but so far the association refuses to give any proof, but some how they are quick and ready to place the dog up for adoption for €195. How stupid do you think people are?

The official statement can be found here.

CAN official statement

Dear Antony Blanchard, as you state, there are so many other dogs out there, why the fuck did you have to pick on this man and steal his dog? what are you going to do if the dog cannot be adopted? are you going to pull a PETA and just euthanise the dog after stealing him? are you going to personally adopt the dog and take care of the dog and love the dog like that homeless man would? you stolen him away and destroyed both the life of the dog and the homeless man. you stupid retard.

Bloody fucking wankers!

The 3 workers should be charged with assault & battery for attacking the man, robbery for stealing the dog and animal cruelty for removing the dog away from its owner as well as manhandling the poor puppy.

ARGH this fucking bullshit humans are just pissing me off, it is so painful to watch and hear the poor man’s cries and the dog’s distress!

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