Have you ever wondered how certain colleagues are so stupid / lazy but yet still retain their jobs and sometimes still even earn more than you either due to seniority or office politics?

Today I want to rant about simple technological issues and the IT department which should not be a problem in this day and age.


In my “World Class” Bank, and most large corporations, we have office servers to store documents electronically. These documents can then be accessed by anyone who is connected to the intranet and have the proper IT clearances associated with their login IDs. This is the typical case for most large corporations from law firms to hospitals to banks to accounting firms, allowing for easy sharing of documents and a great electronic documentation filing system.

My bank does this as well, however for some unknown reason, the server always seems to be running out of space. My department generates, and subsequently has to file and save, many letters, term sheets, contracts and memorandum. So obviously for every deal, we have lots of documents that have to be stored. It is extremely annoying when the disk is full and I am unable to save the documents.

disk full
Error when trying to save documents / copy documents from my local drive into the shared drive (redacted as necessary)
disk full 2
Another error message when trying to save in excel

How can a bank that strives to be a “World Class” Bank, not have the budget to upgrade the servers and provide their workers with proper IT systems. Trying to get more space is like pulling teeth! I have to then email, call and pester the IT department to allow my department to have more storage space on the server. After many escalations they would finally reply with “we are increasing your storage allocation by 1GB”.

All that trouble for ONE FREAKING GIGABYTE? HELLO? It is 2015! One terrabyte (1000 gigabytes) hard disks are readily available on the market at affordable prices! For example this Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive- Black (HDTB310XK3AA) (amazon affiliate link) is only $55 which equates to 5.5 cents per gigabyte. 


It blows my mind how cheap this “World Class” Bank can be with respect to the IT support. Requesting new upgrades is also another issue. I after working for 3 years have finally managed to obtain a new PC with windows 7. When I first started, my department sent in the request for a new PC for me and I used a temporary PC, which was running Windows XP. Only last year in April when Windows announced that they would stop supporting Windows XP, did the IT department realise that they should probably start upgrading people’s PCs and only recently this year did I get my upgrade.

This morning another issue cropped up, the Bloomberg computers which we used suddenly weren’t able to connect to the shared server, so while the computers were able to access the internet and obtain the valuable market date from Bloomberg servers, they weren’t able to load up the documents in the shared server which contains our proprietary algorithms and programs. The issue, which we later found out, after much back and forth, was due to the IT department dropping the ball and accidentally turning off a router to the servers. *Facepalm*

Really? IT department? Really? I guess with the mentality of this “World Class” Bank getting competent IT support people is also beyond them.

A “World Class” Bank indeed.