Have you ever wondered how certain colleagues are so stupid / lazy but yet still retain their jobs and sometimes still even earn more than you either due to seniority or office politics?

Today I want to rant about useless co-workers in other departments which make work so much harder to accomplish.


I work in a bank which strives to be a “world class bank” that provides world class services to multinational clients and companies.

There are various departments in a global bank:

The product departments which manufacture the financial products (equity products, fx products, etc);

The front line sales departments who meet and sell the products to clients;

The risk departments which oversee the credit and market risk to the bank as well as approving any credit facilities and/or products;

The support departments such as IT, Legal, HR; and

The operational departments, which deal with the operational side, transferring money from one account to another, monitoring inflow and out flow of funds from the various accounts.


I work in a product department, structuring, pricing and selling equity products. Due to the specialist nature of the product, I also double up as front line sales to meet, explain and sell the product to clients.

In all my deals I also have to work closely with the operations department and let me tell you some of the people working in those departments are really really stupid.

For example, today a client was contracting a foreign exchange from one of his companies (lets call this company “Co. A”) to deposit money into an account of his other company (“Co. B”). A simple procedure which requires the operations department to debit Co. A’s GBP account and credit Co. B’s USD account. A memo was sent to explain to them that Co. A is going to contract the foreign exchange and the USD amount was to be deposited into Co. B’s account.

Even for such a simple process, they are able to screw this up and removed both GBP and dollar from both accounts. I could slightly understand if they did the reverse and removed USD from Co. B and deposit GBP into Co. A’s account, they would be stupid sure, but an understandable mistake, they read the memo wrongly and did the reverse. But this is not the case they seem to have read half the memo and decided to just fudge it along the way and remove money from both client accounts.

The icing on the cake was when at the end of the day I queried the account balances, they want to argue with me and said “you sent the memo and we just followed”. I had her read the memo back to me and she clearly said to me “debit Co. A’s GBP account and deposit into Co. B’s USD account” I then told her that this was not what her department had done. She was at a loss for words and quickly said “let me check and call you back”. I wanted to face palm so hard.

In the end she called back to apologise for their mistake. At least she realised, fixed her mistake and apologised for it.

A “World Class” Bank indeed.