It is with a shock and sadness that this post is about a terrorist attack on Thailand. A popular shrine in the heart of Thailand’s capital of Bangkok was the target of a bomb. As of this writing, it is still unknown who the perpetrators of this heinous activity is.

The shrine is a tiny shrine surrounded by a bunch of shopping malls and oasis of calm in an otherwise busy intersection, hosing the statue of Phra Phrom, a Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma. This is not the first time, in 2006, a Thai man who is believed to have been mentally ill vandalised the statue with a hammer, he was promptly beaten by angry bystanders. It was promptly restored. Hopefully it will be rebuilt again with a memorial for the innocents who lost their lives.

My girlfriend who was posted to her firm’s Bangkok office 2 years ago is pretty shaken up by this attack. She frequently walked past the shrine on her way to work from her hotel. When I went to visit her while she was there, we walked past it to go to CentralWorld shopping center. It was small but hard to miss as it contrasted heavily with the concrete jungle around it.

Bangkok is an amazing capital, full of vibrancy and people of many cultures. While there are political undertones surrounding the capital, with the red shirts, yellow shirts and military, this kind of blatant wanton destruction of landmarks is uncalled for and totally unacceptable, many tourists as well as locals lost their lives and many more will be horribly affected by this.

Thoughts and prayers are with those affected #prayforbangkok