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August 2015

Malaysia Merdeka Day & Bersih 4.0

Today is Malaysia’s national day. I posted about Singapore’s national day in my previous post so today I shall post about Malaysia’s national day. Technically Malaysia celebrates 2 national days. Merdeka day which is the day that peninsular Malaysia obtained its independence from the British in 1957. This “country” was known as the Federation of Malaya, or simply Malaya, made up of the 11 states on the peninsular. Later on the 6th anniversary of Merdeka day in 1961, the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore were to form into a new country, the Federation of Malaysia. This was postponed to 16 September due to Indonesia and Philippines opposing the Federation.  Since then Malaysia Day is celebrated on 16 September 1961.

Hence the 2 national days, one for independence from British rule and one for the formation of Malaysia with North Boreno (now know as Sabah) and Sarawak. Singapore was kicked out of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 and is the only country in the world to obtain independence against their will. Continue reading “Malaysia Merdeka Day & Bersih 4.0”


Virginia shootings live on breakfast morning TV

Alison Parker a reporter and Adam Ward a cameraman for the Virginia station WDBJ7 was shot dead on live television on Wednesday morning. Ms Parker was conducting a live interview with a guest in the Town of Moneta on live TV when suddenly shots rang out and viewers saw the camera fall to the ground, and the shooter is seen briefly in reel from the fallen camera. Screams could be heard in the background before the live broadcast was cut back to the studio to a shocked anchor. Continue reading “Virginia shootings live on breakfast morning TV”

Terrorist attack on board french high speed train foiled by brave passengers

Yesterday, a 25-year-old Moroccan gunman named as Ayoub El-Kahzzani attempted to attack and injure passengers in a high speed train armed with a Kalashnikov rifle (AK rifle), automatic pistol and a box cutter knife. Continue reading “Terrorist attack on board french high speed train foiled by brave passengers”

Chronicles of a “World Class” Bank

Have you ever wondered how certain colleagues are so stupid / lazy but yet still retain their jobs and sometimes still even earn more than you either due to seniority or office politics?

Today I want to rant about useless co-workers in other departments which make work so much harder to accomplish.

Continue reading “Chronicles of a “World Class” Bank”

Bangkok Bombing – Erawan Shrine @ Ratchaprasong Intersection

It is with a shock and sadness that this post is about a terrorist attack on Thailand. A popular shrine in the heart of Thailand’s capital of Bangkok was the target of a bomb. As of this writing, it is still unknown who the perpetrators of this heinous activity is.

Continue reading “Bangkok Bombing – Erawan Shrine @ Ratchaprasong Intersection”

SG50: The only country in the world that gained independence against its own will

Singapore is the only country in the world that gained its independence against its own will. It has since come a long way, yesterday 9 August 2015, Singapore celebrated its Golden Jubilee, or 50th Anniversary.

Continue reading “SG50: The only country in the world that gained independence against its own will”

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