Today I have decided to start this blog made publicly available to the world, hence the title, a blog to share my experiences, travels and musings, but also to vent and let off steam. My current job in a large investment bank leaves much to be desired. Low job satisfaction, under appreciated in the job with cheap and micro managing bosses…

I have been toying with the idea of this for a while now, but never got around to it. Procrastination is a problem I struggle with. The title of this post alludes to the most basic program all computer programmers will learn usually as a first step. a Hello world program basically makes the computer display / output the text Hello World onto the screen or whatever display device. In a sense this post is my first step into public blogging.  I have yet to decide the direction this blog will take, I have a couple of things in mind, food blogging, travel blogging, reviews or general lifestyle type of blogging, but I have yet to commit fully one way or another. I have a couple of old blogs which I used to write in many years ago but those are more personal in nature to communicate with my friends in Singapore when I was studying in London.

Today also marks the tenth anniversary of the London bombings. I remember I was in London at that time with my mom and sister. I had just finished my A Levels and moved my stuff to a friend’s place in London as I was going start my first year of university in September 2005. We had just came back from Paris on the Eurostar the day before. I remember the day before in Paris as both London and Paris were in contention for hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, I was worried that whichever side lost, there would be rioting or demonstrations. When it was announced that London won it I was overjoyed and was excited to be heading back to participate in the reveling (although I was not British, I had studied there for one and a half years and was starting to identify as British). Thankfully no demonstrations occurred in Paris and the Eurostar was not delayed. However the excitement and celebrations in London were short-lived.

I had just gotten up and switched on the TV to BBC, hoping to watch more celebration and news about the successful Olympics bid, however I was greeted with the unfolding horror. This was also a couple of years after the 9/11 in New York City (I also remember where I was during that time, but I shall leave that for another day). The effects and aftermath was still fresh in my mind and I never thought something like this would happen again nor at such close proximity to me.

It was a sad day indeed, the happiness and celebration of winning the bid for London 2012 was shattered by terrorists. Religion taken to the extreme leads to such devastation, loss and horror. 52 people died in 4 locations due to suicide bombers, British citizens attacking fellow countrymen. It was also one of my first times in London which I can properly remember (I had traveled to London when I was much younger but have very vague memories of my time then). Everything was new then, exploring how to get around, taking the tube, the iconic red London buses and strolling along the streets. It was shocking that both the tube and the buses were hit, had I woken up earlier and decided on exploring more of London would I have been caught up in it?

I remember wondering how I would do in that emergency. Would I be gripped by fear? Would I leap into action? Would I flee and hide? I hope I will be someone who would help and not tense up in fear. Leap into action and aid in any way I can. I remember walking past the sites and seeing the number of flowers and well wishes at the memorials, it was bitter-sweet to see the numerous well wishes.

London is strong and London will recover was the though that went through my mind. I am glad to say that it has.